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5-Time EMMY® Winner Paul Wagner's Field Guides to Human Personalities, Personality Cards & Workbooks reveal the emotional, psychological & behavioral aspects of 234 unique personalities. Paul wants to help you love, heal and master the vital parts of your Self and your life.
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SOULFUL EXPANSION: A Full-Day or Weekend Retreat

About Paul Wagner

Paul Wagner is a personal and business coach, technologist, inventor, humorist, EMMY® Award Winning TV writer & producer, and world-touring corporate and spiritual educator. 

Paul's Field Guide to Human Personalities books, cards and workbooks comprise a pursuit focused on transparency, personal advancement and emotional growth.

Paul spent 26 years traveling the world learning from awakened masters. His vision quests in the wilderness grew a deep awareness in him. Paul experiences the universe (and each of us) as electric and limitless.

Paul Wagner has appeared before MILLIONS of people on TV and on stages throughout the US, UK, Europe, Australia & Singapore.

As a 5-Time EMMY® Award Winning writer, actor and producer, Paul studied hundreds of character types, gaining a deep understanding of and empathy for each one. Early in his career, he achieved a dream of becoming a children’s TV writer and host where he developed over 50 distinct personalities. These became the foundation of his corporate training and entertainment business.

Paul created 2500 custom shows & workshops for the Fortune 500 and other  groups at conferences & universities around the world.

Paul has run several start-up companies and has raised close to $4M for tech and entertainment ventures around the world. He's held positions of CEO, CTO and CMO, sometimes simultaneously. Paul Wagner is a focused leader able to build and manage sustainable, creative, productive and powerful teams.

Paul is a personal, start-up & business coach leading individuals and groups to greater success and self-awareness.


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